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About us.

You come into work early, open up the first email of the day and it doesn’t make sense. You read it a few times but that doesn’t help. It’s too long. It makes too many points. It’s not clear what you have to do. You try to read further down the thread searching for that elusive context, but eventually, you give up. Hit reply and plead for clarity. Or maybe hit delete. Payback for your wasted time.

Every message has the potential to cause confusion, frustration and delay. The damage caused by poorly written communication kills productivity and harms relationships. We help the writer to communicate in the language of the reader.

Wouldn’t it be great to never get a message like that again?

SMYL. We bring clarity.

Meet the team.

Joanna Miller
Joanna MillerCEO & Co-founder
My work is focused on working with the team on all areas of product, development and marketing. And in my downtime its all about recharging; eating! learning more about the world we’re in and coaching others to succeed in life.
Jamie Waller
Jamie WallerChairman & Co-founder
I originally had the idea for SMYL while on a skiing holiday and I’m very excited about its journey. I support the business with getting the word out there while looking at our funding opportunities.
Rachel Hake
Rachel HakeFinancial Controller
As a versatile, qualified accountant, I am very excited at being involved with SMYL so early on. Looking forward to building flexible and robust finance function allowing for growth and longevity of the business. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and eating!
Alex Walker
Alex WalkerService Delivery Manager
I’m responsible for making sure we’re doing a good job for our users. My experience is a smorgasbord of all things service delivery with servings of business development and compliance on top.
I’m very passionate about nature. This means I get questions like ‘is this a bug?’ both at work and home. Answers can range from ‘yes, sorry, we’ll fix that’ to ‘no, what you are holding is a spider’!
Alicia Sabat
Alicia SabatData Architect
Coming from a strong history in database development and design, it’s exciting to be using these skills and machine learning techniques, tools and algorithms to build a stronger faster more focused system to deliver exceptional service.
When not immersed in the data structures you will find me freezing at the ice rink watching my daughter skate, however sometimes I have my laptop there too!
Max Korinets
Max KorinetsSoftware Engineer
A software enthusiast building clouds and microservices, exploring new techniques and trying stay up to date. When I’m not coding APIs for clouds, I code for RasPis and Arduinos and other IoT stuff. Also a big music fan and basketball player.
Simon Priestman
Simon PriestmanLead Engineer
I am embracing the latest in cloud technologies, after being stuck in the dark ages for so long! I have many years of traditional development and architecture skills, which I am bringing to bear on this exciting new project. When I am not in front of a computing machine, I love my EUC machine – a ninebot one. Geeksville!

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