Better business emails

Be more productive by writing in a way that resonates with your reader.

SMYL: coaching your good emails into great ones.

What’s behind SMYL.

Know the reader

We give you insights into your reader based on behavioural insights, psychometrics and their preferences.

Business language coach

Our AI generated suggestions will help you with grammar and spelling, avoid cliches and get your point across in clear, effective business English with no confusing jargon.

Performance analytics

Widen your knowledge by discovering how you communicate with others at work and how you compare with colleagues in your team.


We take security seriously. All your personal information is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We will never share your details with third parties without your consent.

Upgrade your Outlook with SMYL

Built for you and your colleagues.

No matter your job title or department, SMYL’s productivity tool helps you get things done.


From young professional to CEO via new starters, managers, executives and all points in between. Want to write better emails to get your point across? We can help.

HR Learning & Development

Help your colleagues out and give them the tool to write better business emails so they can get on with their job faster, with less stress.

Customer Support

Reach resolutions faster and keep your customers happy. Let SMYL help you be more consistent with your outgoing messages.

Offshore & Virtual Teams

Dispersed throughout the world but English is the language in your business? Work more closely together across borders using the power of SMYL.

Upgrade your Outlook with SMYL